Intended Use Of Garmin City Navigator and Garmin Topo

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Garmin offers a plethora of GPS devices which can be used in various environments. The motorcycle community has adopted devices such as the Garmin Zumo, Montana, Oregon and GPSMAP Csx for their motorcycle needs. However, each of these devices was originally envisioned and developed by Garmin to be used as the primary device in either the motorcycling, hiking or adventure community. The Garmin Zumo is the only model that was specifically created for motorcycle users. Over time, riders found that some devices could be deployed for multiple uses and began to customize their GPS in order to have one device "do everything".

While this theory sometimes works in practice, since the devices aren't conceived, developed and sold to be used cross-functionally, design limitations are exposed once the technological boundaries are reached. The same can be said for maps provided or distributed by Garmin.

Core Topic
Intended Use of Garmin City Navigator (CNNT) and Garmin Topo

Garmin City Navigator CNNT is updated four (4) times a year on average. Three of the updates have minor road changes and POI updates. Typically, the fourth release CNNT XXXX.3 is the one that includes major road updates. This is subject to change and contingent upon when the map Dbase is delivered by Navteq to end users such as Garmin but, it has been consistent in the past.

Garmin Topo is updated and delivered approximately every four years. The reason it takes so long for a new release is that its core function is to display topographic information and that changes relatively very little over time.

Garmin is distinctly aware of these two products differences and has conceived, created and deployed these products with specific end uses in mind. The same can be said for their aviation and ocean mapping products.

The Problem
The greater off road and motorcycling community has begun to use both Topo and CNNT as primary maps for navigation without either understanding or accepting the differences between the two products and how they are positioned.

City Navigator is intended to be used anywhere there are roads. Whether its off road or on, the product usually lists any road from a simple dirt trail, fire road, county road, private property road all the way up to City Navigator NTinterstate freeways. At some point, off road riders assumed that since the product is named City Navigator it must be intended to be used mainly on city and commonly used roads. That would be a mistake. The product is positioned to be routable, updated quarterly and be used by most street or road oriented Gamins'. The actual product of choice for off road motorcycle riding or adventure riding would be City Navigator regardless of what country its created for. According to Garmin, "City Navigator NT gives you everything you need to travel on the road. They go on to add, "It includes MapSource® software for Windows® to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your computer and your device". If one is to thoroughly understand and accept this premise for on and off road adventuring, they would choose CNNT in all but the most odd or extreme situations. In most situations, Garmin Topo isn't necessary and is not recommended to be used by the off road community. The community has erroneously assumed that the Garmin Topo product MUST have better detail for off road adventuring. That would be incorrect. Garmin City Navigator is the product of choice when riding on roads.

Garmin Topo - According to Garmin, "The TOPO map series provides detailed topography including terrain contours, elevations, geographical Garmin TOPO 24Kpoints, even 3-D terrain shading on compatible devices." While Topo does include information on, "interstates, state highways, local roads and trails" it is designed to use those roads to get around to general areas and not be routinely updated and routable as Garmin City Navigator. When referring to trails, Garmin means walking trails, bike trails and hiking trails. The off road community has misinterpreted this to be automobile or motorcycle trails. The Topo product shines at showing elevations, features and natural characteristics. We encourage users to confirm for themselves. When speaking to Garmin technical representatives, ask about using Topo in your car or motorcycle as the primary product to get around country roads with and you might hear a long silence. They will eventually suggest CNNT and correctly position Topo to its intended use.

Clarification Items from Garmin
Garmin has been receiving questions regarding these uses and as of September 7, 2012 has posted clarification items on their support site. A few examples are:

1. Does my Zumo support TOPO Mapping? Answer: "While the Zumo devices are compatible with TOPO mapping products, they were not designed for optimized use together. For this reason, the Zumo may not display as much TOPO detail as an outdoor device would. However, if you would like to load TOPO mapping to the device, follow the instructions below." They then go on to explain configuration optimization. The Garmin Zumo 590 is the exception. It is the only unit that is certified to work with Garmin TOPO. As mentioned earlier, since Garmin designed the Montana, Monterra, Oregon and GPSMAP Csx devices to be used by outdoor enthusiasts, the concept of using TOPO as a primary navigation tool on motorcycle oriented rides, evades its intended use.

2. What limitations will I encounter when using TOPO, Marine, US TrailMaps, or Rails-to-Trails mapping with my Nuvi, LIVE, Zumo, Dezl, or StreetPilot? Answer: "When purchasing TOPO, Marine, US TrailMaps, or Rails-to-Trails mapping for your Nuvi, LIVE, Zumo, Dezl, or StreetPilot, please be aware that this mapping may function with limited compatibility when viewing the map on the device. TOPO mapping will provide access to very basic information such as terrain contours, elevation information, trails and rivers. There are certain elements of these mapping products that were designed for use on dedicated Outdoor and Marine GPS products that will not be displayed on a Nuvi, LIVE, Zumo, Dezl, or StreetPilot device. If you would like to use these mapping products and experience the highest level of detail and functionality, it is recommended that they be used on a dedicated Outdoor or Marine GPS product. In addition, when viewing this mapping on your device, please ensure that you have disabled your City Navigator mapping and changed your Map View from the default 3D view to either Track Up or North Up."

Off road vehicle enthusiasts should anticipate and expect that their best choice will be City Navigator (CNNT). In circumstances when an off roader is hiking, needs elevation or geographic information, Garmin TOPO would be a good choice on outdoor units only. This article illustrates the differences between the two products and why they show different shading, road details and points of interest. For international riders or events, the discussed concepts can be used to start from and then researched to a specific product for the task.