Travel Documents


Information is POWER. So is twisting the throttle.

We've posted a variety of documents here. Some of these are useful for pre-tour planning and others are important to have while on tour.


Long Distance Horse Riding Best Practices Procedures and Equipment

River Pilot Tours has created this document to be used for Long Distance Horse Riding (LDR) events both on and off road.

River Pilot Tours First Day Itinerary

Each tour is a lot of fun and there is much to do on the first day. We have structured the day to ensure we get on the road as soon as possible. This document provides information on what to expect.

River Tracking Document

We provide satellite tracking for every tour. Our tour guides wear EPIRBS that shows your current location as you progress along the route. You can send the satellite tracking information to your friends and family and have them get involved in your tour. Tours can also be tracked by merely visiting the River Pilot Tours website and visiting the "Track Us" page.

River Pilot Tours Media Order Form

We routinely take pictures and video during tours. To order a 16GB flash drive of your tour just complete and return this form.

River Pilot Tours Gear Pack Checklist

Over the years of extensive travel we have compiled a Gear Packing Checklist that can be used for local and extended tours. This list is uniform and can been used for short or long trips. We have used this format for tours that have seen us in all kinds of weather while being miles from the nearest town. We suggest you customize this Gear Pack Checklist with your particular needs. Your tour guide is available to assist with specific questions or needs.

River Pilot Tours Release Of Liability

All tour participants are required to complete and return this document prior to tour departure.

River Pilot Tours Terms & Conditions

All tour participants are required to complete and return this document prior to tour departure.

Conversion Chart

Use this chart to convert back and forth between various temperatures, volumes, distances and more.