About River Pilot Tours

     Based in Dubois, Wyoming we live and work here for the wide open spaces, the horses, the scenery and the people. We're inspired by the mountains and the land. Many of our tours are conceived while sitting in a saddle exploring a pristine mountain lake.

     After many years of extended travel and riding, River Pilot returned to America and formed the company to take advantage of the experience he accumulated abroad with the idea of allowing folks to see all of the culture and attractions in America. From those humble beginnings we continue to bring unique tours that showcase America and push the envelope of what to expect from a tour company.

     River Pilot Tours continuously scouts new locations in America and leverages the relationships with the many fine folks we know around the country. We've been everywhere in America and know every nook and cranny of it. Our philosophy is simple. We live here and we need to know about America better than everyone else. Our tour guides are experts in their tour routes and are expected to learn knowledge beyond their scope of interest. That allows us to provide dynamic tours where our guests are learning something new while and having a good time.

     River Pilot Tours has taken GPS technology and touring to a new level in 2016 with our line of GPS Tour Guides. Depending on the product, our GPS Tour Guides go beyond a simple loop or days ride by providing complete tours that extend for days or weeks. The GPS Tour Guides take the most interesting roads while avoiding the major thoroughfares in order to provide the best touring experience available. River Pilot invented the worlds first accurate Route 66 GPS as a way to pay homage to the road that started it all. From there we have compiled other products that allow folks to explore America at their pace and see locations that only locals know about. We'll continue to add new tour products annually.

     We appreciate our customers business and we always put them first. We know our customers have waited a long time to take a tour and we're going to make sure they get every bit of enjoyment out of it. With River Pilot Tours you're only a stranger once. "Come Along For The Ride"

Our Team

Come visit the folks that you have talked to on the phone or by e-mail. Please keep your hands and feet inside the bus at all times and please "Do Not Feed The Animals." Let's begin the tour...

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