How Garmin GPS Travel Guides Work

How do travel guides from River Pilot work on your Garmin GPS?

It's QUICK and EASY! Just purchase the download, install by moving the software to your GPS and it's ready to use!

STEP #1 - Purchase
Purchase the travel guide of your choice! Just "Add To Cart" and "Check-Out", then a link to the software will be sent to you for download.

STEP #2 - Ready to Use!
Once the software is installed and moved over to the GPS, you are ready to use your River Pilot Travel Guide!

From the Main Menu on your Garmin Nuvi (screens may vary) tap "Where to?" and go to "Extras" by tapping 


Tap on the title of your product

Choose a category or region/city by scrolling up/down with the arrows.


Choose a Point of Interest (POI) by tapping on your selection.

Depending upon your Garmin you may get a "Map" screen. Tap "Press for More" to get detailed information about your selection.

Once on the POI information screen you can scroll down using the  or "More" for more detailed information. To return to the previous screen tap the "Back" button.

Tap "GO" to start your route guidance to the selected location. Or, tap "Save" to save the location to your "Favorites" for later use.


If there is a photo thumbnail you can tap on it and enlarge it.

THAT'S IT! Browse through the list of places and learn more about them. Save the ones you like and start planning your next trip!