Jerry McClanahan


About Jerry McClanahan - Writer, photographer, preservationist and Route 66 historian.


Jerry McClanahan

Jerry McClanahan's fascination with Route 66 dates back to family summer vacations during the 60s. The interstate highway system had all but taken over by 1981, when Jerry began photographing and researching what was left of the old highway.

Jerry began painting and writing about Route 66 full time in the early 90s, and his award winning work has been exhibited in shows across the country.

Jerry has written extensively for the Route 66 Federation News, American Road and Route 66 magazine. 

His acclaimed EZ 66 Guide has helped thousands of travelers discover the excitement of Route 66, as has the 8-state set of Route 66 maps co-created with Oklahoma Route 66 guru Jim Ross.

Jerry's Route 66 artwork and photos have appeared in many books and in periodicals as diverse as Historic Traveler, Popular Mechanics and Playboy of Brazil.