Mongolia Horse Tour

Ulaanbaatar to Ulaanbaatar
10 day vacation


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Sep 01, 2019 - Sep 10, 2019
  • Sep 01, 2019 - Sep 10, 2019


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Mongolia Horse Tour

     Mongolia has been a country that is synonomis with exotic cultures, ancient religions, Ghengis Khan, triumphant horses and eventually a peaceful and nomadic way of life. The opportunity now exists to travel to this far away land and experience a way of life that has sustained the native people for centuries. Mongolia is filled with diverse landscapes featuring rivers, craggy mountains, odd rock formations, open prairies and vast distances that beckon an adventourous spirit to follow.

River Pilot Tours-Mongolia Horse Tour     At the beginning of the tour, we travel to the Arkhangai province where we greet our local guides and the horses. We then ride through the mountains and valleys, following the Orkhon river to arrive at Kharkhorin which was the ancient capital of Mongolia. This was the area chosen as the capital for the ancient empires of the Xiongnu (300 – 100 BC), the Turks (6th – 8th centuries AD), Uighurs (8th century) and Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire (13th century). There are few places in eastern Asia of such great historical importance. View the interactive map and video

     This tour is for anyone who is interested in seeing Mongolias' beautiful sights and wishes to combine it with horse riding. All riders, whether new or experienced, are welcome to join this tour. Riders are sized up with the horse and local guides and support teams will take care of guiding you along the way and cooking tasty meals for you. The horses are saddled up for you each day and after our morning breakfast we head out to explore. The horses are familiar with the terrain and will give you a days ride without hesitation. At night, our local support team will even break down the gear and take care of your horse for the night. Our tours feature Mongolian locals riding with us from time to time and you will make new friends who share an interest and passion for horses and adventure travel. We ride along rivers, waterfalls, explore ancient monasteries and examine how locals live. Rural areas are wide open, lush and allow us to explore with our new found friends.

     For those that want to see Mongolia, make new friends and explore majestic countryside by horse, this tour is for you. There is a fellowship of riders around the world that share a passion for horses and the freedom and peace that horse riding offers and they will be riding along with you on this truly fulfilling and intimate tour. River Pilot Tours - "Come Along For The Ride" 

10 Day Vacation

Day 1
Arrive Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Day 2
Ulaanbaatar to Kharkhorin
Day 3
Kharkhorin to Tsenkher village
Day 4
Tsenkher village to Tsetserleg river
Day 5
Tsetserleg river to Orkhon valley
Day 6
Orkhon valley to Orkhon valley
Day 7
Orkhon valley to Bat Ulzii
Day 8
Bat Ulzii to Orkhon
Day 9
Orkhon to Kharkhorin
Day 10
Kharkhorin to Ulaanbaatar
Day 11
Depart Ulaanbaatar

Note: The final day in the tour itinerary is the departure day. No activities are planned unless otherwise specifically included at time of booking.

  • Professional tour guide
  • Local guides
  • Support vehicles for luggage, equipment
  • Local horse support teams
  • Tour guide and support vehicles connected via long range radios
  • Tour guide satellite phones
  • Horse rental
  • Saddles, tack
  • Accommodations-2 nights hotel (double occupancy), 2 nights traditional Ger camp, 6 nights tent camping
  • Professional cook for breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Water, snacks
  • Airport transfers and transportation
  • Entrance fees

What's Not Included

  • International airfare
  • Visa acquisition cost
  • Alcohol
  • Lunch and dinner in Ulaanbaatar
  • Helmet or riding gear
  • Personal travel, accident and medical insurance
  • Gratuities, tips, personal spending money
  • Personal souvenirs, gifts or purchases
  • Cost for replacement of lost or stolen items or equipment
  • Optional excursions or extras
  • Any other items not specifically included in tour price

Approximate Total Miles: 125

Average Miles Per Day: 19

Riding Conditions: Open plains, rivers, trails, small mountains

Riding Difficulty: Easy - riders matched to horse, some horse experience is recommended but not required

Highlights: Horse riding, local cuisine, horse rider fellowship, Ulaanbaatar, Kharkhorin, Genghis Khan history, Tsenkher village, Bogoch Pass, Tsetserleg river, native wildlife, waterfalls, gold mine, Orkhon valley, Bat Ulzii district, outdoors camping, Ger camping, Erdene Zuu monastery

Minimum Departure: Tour departs with a minimum of 4 persons, soft cap of 12 persons

Insurance: Travel insurance required to include air extraction if neccessary due to remote riding conditions. Emergency medical rescue helicopter is on standby and ready if necessary during tour

Riding Helmet: Rental available $3 USD per day

Accomodation Note: Single can not be guaranteed during 2 nights at Ger camp. TBD

Visa: A visa is not needed for US citizens travelling to Mongolia. For other countries download visa application here

Airlines: Mongolian Air  Aeroflot  Korean Air  Air China