National Park To Park Tour

Denver, CO. to Denver, CO.
22 day vacation


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Aug 07, 2019 - Aug 28, 2019
  • Aug 07, 2019 - Aug 28, 2019


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National Park To Park Tour

     For the ultimate in America and western USA park adventure, this is the trip for you. No expense is spared or unique moment wasted to make this a unique and unforgettable tour. Best taken with your family and friends, this is a tour that no one else offers. While visiting 12 national parks in 11 western states, this tour can be completed on a motorcycle, car or in an RV. Each night we'll stay in comfortable lodging while visiting incredible parks throughout the tour. We have experts and speakers entertain us all along the way with insight that comes from these stakeholders researched and empirical knowledge of their region. These experts include writers, movie makers, authors, cartographers, photographers and of course, National Park Rangers.

National Park To Park Highway Tour

Interactive tour map hereAnton L. Westgard worked for many of the original "Good Road" promoters such as the National Highways Assocation, the American Automobile Association (AAA) as well as for the US government Office Of Public Roads as a scout and pathfinder. The Yellowstone Highway Association entertained an idea proposed in September, 1915 by future NPS director Stephen T. Mather about creating an entire loop of connected highways that visited 12 western national parks. The primary leaders of the Yellowstone Highway Association agreed and proceeded to create the National Park To Park Highway Association in 1916. In July, 1920, A.L. Westgard pre scouted the entire P2P path for the rest of the delegation to use just prior to the offical Park To Park Highway Tour, officially dedicated on Aug. 26, 1920 at Overland Park, Denver, CO. Westgard had been driving all across america for years and this was new path was one of his major accomplishments gained from that previous experience.

     One of the most notable accomplishments of the good-roads movement, in relation to the national parks, was the August, 1920 establishment and designation of a great, connected highway between the major national parks of the Far West. The purpose of the National Park-to-Park Highway was three-fold: 1) to make scenic areas more accessible to the public, 2) to aid further development of the West by bringing its industrial resources to the attention of the traveling public, and 3) to attract new settlement. The National Park-to-Park Highway Association (NPPHA) accomplished the undertaking, in cooperation with the American Automobile Association (AAA) and other western organizations. The official designation tour began in Denver, Colorado, on August 26, 1920, "At which time," Stephen Mather reported, "I formally dedicated the National Park-to-Park Highway with appropriate ceremonies to the American people." The 4,700-mile-long circle tour passed through nine western states, crossed every main transcontinental highway and touched most of the north and south highways west of the Rocky Mountains. The only parks in the southwest included on this route were Mesa Verde, Petrified Forest, and the Grand Canyon's South Rim. Mather envisioned the Park-to-Park Highway as "but a nucleus of a great interpark road system which will be developed later on." Report of the Director of the National Park Service, 1920 here  

     In preparation for your tour we recommend reading The Playground Trail by Lee and Jane Whiteley, May 2009 and purchasing and watching the DVD Paving The Way: The National Park Park To Park Highway (2009) Depth Of Field Productions

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22 Day Vacation

Day 1
Denver, CO. to Cheyenne, WY.
Day 2
Cheyenne, WY. to Cody, WY.
Day 3
Cody, WY. to Livingston, MT.
Day 4
Livingston, MT. to Kalispell, MT.
Day 5
Kalispell, MT. to Spokane, WA.
Day 6
Spokane, WA. to Seattle, WA.
Day 7
Seattle, WA. to Portland, OR.
Day 8
Day Off
Day 9
Portland, OR. to Medford, OR.
Day 10
Medford, OR. to Redding, CA.
Day 11
Redding, CA. to Berkeley, CA.
Day 12
Berkeley, CA. to Mariposa, CA.
Day 13
Mariposa, CA. to Bakersfield, CA.
Day 14
Bakersfield, CA. to Los Angeles, CA.
Day 15
Day Off
Day 16
Los Angeles, CA. to Las Vegas, NV.
Day 17
Las Vegas to Zion Park to Las Vegas
Day 18
Las Vegas, NV. to Williams, AZ.
Day 19
Williams, AZ. to Holbrook, AZ.
Day 20
Holbrook, AZ. to Farmington, NM.
Day 21
Farmington, NM. to Salida, CO.
Day 22
Salida, CO. to Denver, CO.
Day 23
Depart CO.

Note: The final day in the tour itinerary is the departure day. No activities are planned unless otherwise specifically included at time of booking.

  • Professional tour guide(s)
  • Support vehicle for additional luggage storage
  • 22 nights, 3 star+ hotel accommodation, double occupancy
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Full coverage vehicle or motorcycle insurance
  • Daily breakfast
  • Welcome dinner
  • Water and ice
  • Parking
  • Park entrance fees via pass
  • National Park windshield "Pasters"
  • Helmet for driver and passenger
  • Taxes, surcharges, fees

What's Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Fuel and oil
  • Food, snacks, beverages, alcohol
  • Personal travel, accident and medical insurance
  • Museum entrance fees
  • Gratuities, tips, personal spending money
  • Personal souvenirs, gifts, purchases
  • Delivery charges for participating vehicles
  • Cost for replacement of lost or stolen keys or equipment
  • Optional excursions or extras
  • Any other items not specifically included in tour price
  • Note: Car and Motorcycle Selection Subject To Availability

Approximate Total Miles: 5,793

Average Miles Per Day: 300

Riding Conditions: Paved, gentle sweeps, maintained roads

Riding And Driving Difficulty: Easy

Exploring Days: Portland, OR., Los Angeles, CA.

Highlights: Denver Mint, Cheyenne Rail Depot, Cheyenne-Deadwood Stage Line, CanAm Highway (US85), Pony Express, Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, Bozeman Trail, Old Faithful, Yellowstone Trail, Going To The Sun Road, US 99, historic highways, various species of plants, animal wildlife, California bay area, Sequoia trees, Route 66, Rocky Mountains

National Parks Visited: Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Mt. Rainier National Park, Crater Lake National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Yosemite National Park, General Grant National Park, Sequoia National Park, Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Mesa Verde National Park

Optional activities: Helicopter tours of Grand Canyon $250, Universal Studios Hollywood $129, Disneyland $90 per day, Hollywood Tour $60 PP

Tour Departure: 6 or more

Included Vehicle: Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro or equivalent. 

Included Motorcycle: Harley Davidson - Other make and model motorcycles may incur additional charges. BMW and Indian models are available.

RV: Guests will not stay in the hotel. Instead, they will stay in the RV. Upgrade to lodging each night available.