Route 66 GPS Tour

Chicago, IL. to Los Angeles, CA.
14 day vacation


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Sep 01, 2020 - Sep 13, 2020
  • Sep 01, 2020 - Sep 13, 2020


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Route 66 GPS Tour

     Route 66 GPS Turn By Turn Attractions GuideEveryone has a wish list of roads and trips they have to take at some point in their lives. Route 66 is somewhere on that list for most people. The ability to use a multilingual GPS system to navigate Route 66 has been the dream of Route 66 enthusiasts and tour operators for years. Our GPS unlocks Route 66 and allows anyone to drive the road like a professional tour guide. Travelers can rent a Garmin™ Zumo 660 and mount it to their car or motorycle and drive Route 66 east bound or west bound. The "secret" knowledge held by tour companies of "where to go" has been revealed. The Route 66 GPS Turn By Turn Attractions Guide includes commentary that is written in English and French which allows users to switch their Garmin™ GPS language settings and conveniently read the commentary in their native language.

The Route 66 GPS Turn By Turn Attractions Guide includes:

  • Automatic audible and visual alerts
  • Turn By Turn directions for all 8 states in both directions including Santa Fe alternate
  • Historically accurate descriptions and photos of hundreds of locations along Route 66
  • Over 950 roadside attractions at your fingertips
  • Accurately locate the most sought after attractions using GPS
  • Commentary natively written in English and French
  • Over 36 audible languages supported direct from Garmin

     How It Works - The Route 66 GPS Turn By Turn Attractions Guide is the most sophisticated system on the market. With over a year of R&D and seven (7) full seasons of "real world" use, we were finally able to eliminate the endless guide books and literature that has been a requirement for any Route 66 traveler. We knew that when we created a commercial GPS tool for Route 66 we would change the way travelers navigate the road. Does it work? Yes, within the first two years of deployment it was being used by most tour companies to lead their own tours. We are providing GPS services to tour booking agencies worldwide. All you have to do is drive and the GPS automatically calls out the roads and attractions for you. We wanted to bring the road to everyone and eliminate the costs of having a personal tour guide. It's here and it works! Watch the video

 River Pilot Tours Route 66 Map    Benefits - With the GPS tour you can stay for as long as you like at any attraction or town and then just find a hotel that suits you at night. It's just like it used to be in the old days. No more hurried days trying to find the road or having to stay in a place that isn't convenient. You can be assured of finding the roads and attractions which allows more time to visit with the wonderful people on Route 66. We provide the GPS, mounts and can reserve a rental car or motorcycle for you. You just drive and stay where you like. No structured tour. Just pure enjoyment at your own pace. 

     We know you've waited a long time to drive Route 66 and we expect to deliver the experience of a lifetime. River Pilot Tours is based in the U.S. When other tour operators are in their home country in the off season, we're here exploring the road, maintaining relationships and researching every bit of R66. We invented the worlds first commercial use GPS for Route 66. We work with the trusted experts and authors who wrote the books on Route 66. We just do it better than everyone else. We really like Route 66 and that passion and knowledge for the road comes through.

     Join River Pilot Tours in exploring this road and all that is has to offer. Our GPS will guide you to attractions and icons of the road that you’ve heard about as well as many of the lesser known that you may not have. River Pilot Tours - "Come Along For The Ride"

14 Day Vacation

Day 1
Chicago Arrival
Day 2
Field choice
Day 3
Field choice
Day 4
Field choice
Day 5
Field choice
Day 6
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Day 7
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Day 8
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Day 9
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Day 13
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Day 14
LAX Departure

Note: The final day in the tour itinerary is the departure day. No activities are planned unless otherwise specifically included at time of booking.

  • 13 rental days Garmin Zumo 660 GPS
  • Motorcycle or car mounting hardware
  • Note: Motorcycle mounting hardware will need to be temporarily mounted
  • GPS shipping, setup, training
  • Suggested itinerary, mapbook
  • Full coverage vehicle insurance
  • Note: Vehicle insurance only included when car or motorcycle is rented.
  • Helmet for driver and passenger
  • Note: Helmets only included when a motorcycle is rented
  • Taxes, surcharges, fees

What's Not Included

  • Motorcycle GPS installation/removal
  • Airfare
  • Fuel and oil
  • Accommodations
  • Food, snacks, beverages, alcohol
  • Personal travel, accident and medical insurance
  • Museum entrance fees
  • Gratuities, tips, personal spending money
  • Personal souvenirs, gifts, personal purchases
  • Delivery charges for participating vehicles
  • Cost for replacement of lost or stolen keys or equipment
  • Optional excursions or extras
  • Any other items not specifically included in tour price
  • Note: Car and Motorcycle Selection Subject To Availability

Approximate Total Miles: 2,416

Suggested Miles Per Day: 100-250, longest suggested miles: 300

Riding Conditions: Paved, gentle sweeps, maintained roads

Riding Difficulty: Easy

Highlights: Authentic Route 66 roads and spurs, downtown Chicago, Gay Parita Sinclair, original gas stations, muffler men, Route 66 museum, western vistas, Winslow AZ, Snow Cap Drive-In Seligman AZ, Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, Hackberry Store, Oatman  AZ, Santa Monica Pier