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Tours are "Good Times" and what we do best.

     Over the years we've had the opportunity to compile a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions taken from our deep experience in adventure touring. You'll find those answers here with other useful links. We suggest you take a few minutes to look these over and use them to help you get ready for your tour.

     As always, if you have any questions that need immediate attention and you can't find an answer here, please let us know and we'll get you an answer ASAP.


Where can I find current weather?

On the River Pilot Weather page. Click here

Can I rent a motorcycle from River Pilot Tours?

Yes. We have access to motorcycle rentals across the USA. We will match you to the motorcycle necessary for the location and environment you want to ride and put you in touch with the vendor that best suites your needs or secure the motorcycle for you. We have access to street, dirt and dual purpose motorcycles. Click here to view our rental fleet.

Can I rent a car from River Pilot Tours?

Yes. We have access to some of the lowest pricing with the major auto rental companies. Just ask us and we will provide you with our corporate rate pricing or book the car for you.

Can I rent camping gear from River Pilot Tours?

Yes. We can equip you with camping gear for short trips that are fast and light or outfit you for extended multi month evolutions. All of our gear has been tested by River Pilot on international multi month evolutions. We are a equipment testing company for horse, military, GPS and motorcycle equipment manufacturers.

Should I bring my own gear or purchase it "In Country" ?

     This depends on a few parameters. If you have an extensive amount of gear that is customized or expensive we recommend you bring it. You will be familiar with your own gear and this will allow you to suit up quickly and comfortably. This also holds true for helmets and communications gear. On most tours we have a support vehicle that can carry your gear.

     For casual travelers we suggest you buy your gear "In Country". Most shops in America carry the basic gear. The online resources for gear and the shipping in America are great. You can order items and have them the next day in some instances. This will allow you to travel light and only carry what you need. For specific advice, your River Pilot Tour Guide can assist you.

Where can I purchase gear and accessories?

     River Pilot has traveled extensively and has added and removed vendors and partners based on their product line, support and overall performance. To help you find the items you need we have assembled some vendors for your reference. We have worked with these vendors in the past and they are quick, accurate, comprehensive and professional. They offer the most durable and largest selection of products.

Motorcycle Superstore
Motorcycle gear, clothing, parts and accessories
Touratech USA
Parts & accessories for adventure touring motorcycles
Outdoor clothing, gear, backpacks
Mountain Hardwear
Outdoor clothing, tents, packs, gear
Osprey Packs
Outdoor packs, hydration
Outdoor clothing, packs, tents, gear
Outdoor clothing, packs, tents, gear
Helly Hansen
Outdoor clothing
Outdoor clothing, baselayers
Garmont N.A.
Footwear, socks
Cascade Designs
Camping gear, waterproof sacks, stoves, sleeping pads
Visit: MSR, Seal line and Therm-a-rest
Catoma Outdoor
Commercial and military tents
Hydration packs
Best Buy
Electronics superstores in America

What associations are you involved with?

We know that in order to sustain our careers, families and our planet we need to work together. Some of the government agencies and non profits we work with.

Tread Lightly
To promote responsible outdoor recreation through ethics education and stewardship programs
Leave No Trace
The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics teaches people how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly
US Department Of The Interior - Bureau Of Land Managment (BLM)
Manage government owned lands
US Forest Service (USFS)
The Forest Service manages public lands in national forests and grasslands
Wyoming Department Of Tourism
Visit and explore Wyoming

Do you offer alternative payment options?

Yes. River Pilot Tours offers River Pay™ for folks who would like to pay for a tour or event. The process is simple and inexpensive. We want to allow our clients the ability to take any tour they wish and having a little extra time to pay for a tour is fine. Contact us for further details.

Travel Documents

Find important information such as What to BringConversion Charts, ItinerariesTerms & Conditions and more on our Travel Documents page.

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