route 66 gps turn by turn

Have you ever wished you had a personal tour guide to the famous Route 66? It's easy with Route 66 GPS Turn By Turn for your Garmin Zumo™ 660 or 665
Route 66 GPS Turn By Turn in your Garmin Zumo™ will keep you exactly on Route 66 and alert you to all the fun and amazing places that make the iconic highway famous. Watch the video

Endorsed by Jerry McClanahan and Jim Ross

How it Works

Price: $50

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Languages: English  French 

Compatibility: Garmin Zumo™ 660 or 665, BMW Nav IV, Harley Road Tech 660 (NOT compatible with Zumo 350, 39X or 59X)

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Product Details

Follow the exact path of the "Mother Road"

Route 66 GPS Turn By Turn software by River Pilot instantly transforms your Garmin Zumo™ 660 or 665 into a digital tour guide that accurately follows the "REAL" Route 66 in both the east and west bound directions. Alternate alignments in Illinois, Missouri and New Mexico included.

Accurate Turn By Turn Directions

River Pilot software follows the exact route that is enabled with a click on your Garmin Zumo™ screen.

The "REAL" Route 66 was a changing fabric of many roads. Over the years the roads changed due to various circumstances. River Pilot has documented old Route 66 in both directions and mapped the exact alignments! Now with River Pilot software and your Garmin™ Zumo, the original highway can be driven with ease, accuracy and enjoyment.

A Digital Tour Guide

As you're guided down the road you'll be notified of the fun, nostalgic and artsy roadside attractions along U.S. Route 66 that traversed the United States from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. Each attraction has detailed information about the quirky and memorable shops, motels, gas stations and roadside attractions. You just might find tee-pee motels, restaurants claiming to have the biggest steak, reptile farms and even a Blue Whale!

Plan a Road Trip and Visit

Now, it's a snap! Just load the Route 66 GPS Turn By Turn software into your Garmin Zumo™ and click "GO". You'll be skimming along the iconic highway visiting some of the over 950 locations that dot Route 66.

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Route 66 Turn By Turn


  • Automatic audible and visual alerts.
  • Pre-planned routes and stops take the worry out of travel.
  • Route 66 GPS Turn By Turn will take you along the exact road alignments that were part of original Route 66.
  • Historically accurate descriptions and photos of hundreds of locations.
  • Over 950 roadside attractions at your fingertips.
  • Commentary natively written in English and French.
  • Accurately locate the most sought after attractions using GPS.
  • Commercially used by individuals and tour operators for 5 years.